Hello, my name is Elle (pronounced “L”; French: her, she, feminine). I like to create things:

interiors, textiles, displays, marketing campaigns, branding + packaging. I enjoy looking at creative projects as landscapes that require a zoomed-out perspective. What do we want to accomplish? How can we design for the future? How can we make better choices now that will have longevity? I like designs to have a narrative. Design should speak to the space, the architecture, the individual or the community it seeks to serve. I am often described as passionate, driven and focused. It’s nice to meet you.


Elle LaFleur Carr

Owner/Principle Designer, Studio Elle

Creative Director, Isabela Rose Textiles

Creative Director, Harsey + Harsey showrooms


Education + Skills


B.S., Bachelor of Science Interior Architectural Design
The Art Institute of California, Orange County, 2010

Business Development
Project Manager
Custom Furniture Design

Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom